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Introducing our Red Cabbage Microgreens, the ideal way to infuse a burst of crisp, fresh flavor into your culinary creations. Our microgreens are cultivated with premium seeds and sustainable farming methods and harvested 24 hours before delivery, ensuring you receive the freshest and most nutrient-rich red cabbage microgreens available.


Our Red Cabbage Microgreens bring together the delightful essence of this unique leafy green. Their vibrant, peppery flavor is the perfect addition to elevate the taste and texture of your dishes, whether you're preparing salads, sandwiches, or any culinary masterpiece.


Beyond their delectable taste, our Red Cabbage Microgreens are a powerhouse of nutrition. Loaded with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, they can fortify your immune system, enhance your digestion, and support your overall health and well-being.


We meticulously harvest and package our microgreens to maintain peak freshness and flavor. Rest assured, our red cabbage microgreens are cultivated without harmful pesticides or contaminants, guaranteeing you a pure and wholesome addition to your meals.


Don't delay; experience the exquisite flavor and nutritional benefits of our Red Cabbage Microgreens today. Whether you're a health-conscious epicurean or simply looking to infuse your meals with fresh, vibrant flavors, our microgreens are the perfect choice to enhance your culinary creations.


$5.50 for 1oz of product.

$7.50 for 2oz of product.

$15.00 for 4oz of product.

$18.00 for 8oz of product.

$24.00 for 1 lb

Organic Red Cabbage Microgreens

SKU: 0002
  • All of our microgreen products are grown on demand. All orders seeded after payment is recieved with an average lead time of 7-10 days (Some crops may vary and details will be provided as applicable). This process is to ensure you recieve the highest quality product for consumption. 

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